Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Backseat

I love my blog.

One day soon, I hope to approach it with the same fervor and gusto with which I threw into my very first post (Avatar sucked), my "Top 5" rankings (I placed Rand too high, by the way -- I stand by WALL-E though), and all those juicy niblets of my past. But for now, I have reallocated every ounce of fervent gusto-ness within my being to another project (announcement soon).

My blog, like the giant horse-dog you acquired before finding out you were pregnant with wildly enthusiastic redheaded twins, is taking the backseat.

(DISCLAIMER: This backseat is not my own, nor are the three very peculiar mammals sitting in it.)


  1. It's not like we experience an absence in your creativity, thank goodness. Carry on!

  2. A - You placed Rand way too high. At least 5 spots too high.

    B - Glad you diverted your energies. It seems to have paid off.

    C - Move back to Lexington. In summer of 2014.